Space Saving Never Looked Better: The Samsung T2000

Published: 07th June 2011
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Samsung depicts the Samsung T2000 as an inexpensive and complete high definition television experience, yet they don't hold back when it comes to features. As is hinted at in the name, this model measures at 42" from corner-to-corner diagonally. The sheer size of the screen demands the highest possible resolution to deliver the best video quality, and of course this requirement is met at full HD, or 1080p, as it's otherwise known. When comparing the commonly known standard definition televisions of yesterday with this full high definition television, the contrast is immense. Movies evolve into a true cinema experience that brings visual clarity and realism into the living room like no other has done before.

Having this breakthrough in your home is just like having a front-row seat each and every time. Whether it's a football match or an award-winning blockbuster film, you get to enjoy it in stunning HD glory. The front panel boasts of a large 46" LCD screen that's designed to reduce glare, even when you place the television in a bright room.

It also comes with world class live color effect feature. This is another ways this Samsung stands above the rest by offer an always natural look and vibrant color platform. This feature will turn bird watching into an indoor activity instead of an outdoor one with its real world color feel. This is something that takes your viewing experience to whole know levels of enjoyment.

We are all aware that Samsung is famous for providing quality audio. This can also be expected from the T2000. Its 2 satellite speakers can fill any room with remarkable quality audio. Aside from that, it has some presets which imitate surround sound. If you got your own sound system, just plug it in and then set up the virtual surround sound software. This would surely give you the most impressive sound quality for music and movies.

Too lazy to go out, drive and fall in line just to enjoy a movie at the cinema? Now you need not put up with all of that. The Samsung T2000 has a 24p True Cinema innovation that mimics that unique experience you can get only at the cinema. Matching that is BRAVIA's S-Force Front Surround, which is given off by hidden speakers. Even without installing those expensive surround sound speakers, your ears won't be able to tell the difference much.

The need to connect to other devices such as an XBOX or Blu-ray player is well accommodated in this television. There are four inputs (one pair on the side, and the other pair on the rear), and each has HDMI-CEC that enables to possibility to operate each connected device from the same remote control.

Samsung have clearly allocated many resources to the development of included features and pristine picture quality, yet this doesn't at all mean that the sound system has suffered as a result. Samsung's own 'S-Force' technology is included on the model range, which is a groundbreaking digital surround-sound technique that utilises the best of the television speakers. When viewing video primarily focused on speech such as a documentary, or even just for listening to radio, Samsung have engineered what they call 'Clear-Voice' which when in-use transforms dull vocal frequencies into clearer, easier-to-understand dialogue.

In today's society, it is more important than ever to 'Go Green', and the Samsung T2000 coincides with community efforts by utilising an assortment of eco-friendly energy saving features, which save our environment and reduce household bills. One may or may not feel better about themselves for contributing towards a greener planet; however saving money is a quality to be enjoyed by all.

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